PHP is a unit that studies the concepts of urban and suburban lifestyles, works on R&D, issues patents and promotes ARMALITH.



Factories producing ARMALITH are under license and all comply with high level requirements regarding ARMALITH specifications. Quality of the fibers, respect of the processes and environment, commitment on mechanical performances… spinning, weaving, and finishing factories are strictly controlled in order to deliver the best quality that has built ARMALITH reputation for the last 10 years.



Visionary brands offering products manufactured from ARMALITH are licensed as well, in order to guarantee users a better experience. To help customers identify an ARMALITH product, a specific hang tag is always attached.



Nowadays, 65 000 riders use the ARMALITH technology. What they love? The outstanding benefits of comfort, fit and freedom of movement, the highest performances when needed and the style of their favorite brand! We are always listening to them and have created ARMALITH 2.0… stay tuned!