ARMALITH is a genius “architexture” that enables to integrate technology within the fabric itself and not anymore within the garment.


ARMALITH is obtained by combining cotton fibers with UHMWPE fiber which was only used in aerospace, military and off-shores industries.

This exclusive technology is a genuine denim with a core reinforcement, providing mechanical performances of leather.

ARMALITH resists to abrasion, tear and snag while providing remarkable comfort, no matter the season.



Prime fabric composition

57% cotton for its hydrophilic ability and genuine look

10% lycra to fit any situation

An unprecedented innovation that combines both the world of fashionable denim and the motorcycle culture thanks to aerospace fabric R&D.


Contrary to other technologies (Kevlar lined jeans, leather, ballistic polyamide, etc…) ARMALITH is a single layer that provides high-performance protection in case of abrasive impact (20m of slide on the road without a hole under 13595-2 certification conditions) and provides comfort and the quality of the most beautiful and fashionable jeans, even in summer, even off the bike.