Resistance comparison according to standard CE-13595-2. (28km/h, 17mph)



The Armalith® technical denim range is classified into 7 levels according to the abrasion resistance of the different fabrics. Performance is established by a scientifically developed benchmark (1) based on the two motorcycle standards in force:
– Cambridge 13 595-2: sliding distance (expressed in meters)
– Darmstadt 17 092: fall speed (expressed in km/h).
Compared to CE A, AA and AAA standards, this new standard offers transparency (2), reliability (3) and readability (4) of impact abrasion performance in motorcycle conditions.

Protection against impact abrasion over a distance of 4m (13ft)  or following a fall at 27 km/h (17 mph), the Mobility segment is aimed at those who want a light but durable garment thanks to the exceptional resistance of Armalith® over time and washes. Ideal for everyday use and for soft mobility, including e-mobility, bicycle, skateboard, scooter, etc.

Abrasion protection over a distance of 8m (26ft) or following a fall at 45 km/h (28 mph). All the comfort and stretchability of Armalith® for urban explorers. Comfortable in the office, the Urban grade is recommended for motorized trips in town and fun leisure activities: e-scooter, e-skateboard, e-bicycle, electric moped, monowheel, BMX and moped.

The Armalith® of escape. The Road Trip grade combines style and abrasion protection over a distance of 14m (46ft) or following a fall at 70 km/h (43 mph). Perfect for motorcycle cruising or for active leisure activities such as downhill skating, downhill mountain biking… Like the entire Armalith® range, its stretch can be appreciated in all circumstances.

The Fast Road label is the high-performance Armalith® to meet the expectations of long-distance touring enthusiasts or motorcycle commuters. Abrasion protection over a distance of 20m (66ft) or following a fall at 90 km/h (56 mph), this fabric makes no compromise on comfort to be easy to wear: breathable, light, hydrophilic and stretch.

Protection against abrasion over a distance of 32m (105ft) or following a fall at 110 km/h (68 mph), Armalith® reaches a milestone by surpassing leather (5). It is the meeting place for serenity and comfort for those who travel long-term and cover the kilometers, even at a sustained pace. Durable and eco-designed, like the entire Armalith® range.

Fruit of the latest advances from the Armalith® laboratory, the Track grade protects against abrasion over a distance of 40m (131ft) or following a fall at 120 km/h (74 mph). Its exceptional performance, always in a single layer, allows you to consider your Armalith® equipment instead of leather clothing. Open or rally road, there is only one denim that allows this: the Armalith® Track 120Km/h (74 mph)!

This is a peak of performance that only the Cambridge 13595-2 standard recognized by the FIM can measure! High Armalith® technology protects against abrasion over a distance of 56m (183ft). Its mechanical qualities are equivalent to or superior in all respects to the requirements set for lining up on the starting grid of a moto GP race… plus comfort!


Study carried out under the supervision of a bailiff during the Armalith® Test Days. The abrasion resistance of each Armalith® reference was previously tested in the laboratory according to Cambridge 13595-2 and Darmstadt 17092 standards. Once the fabrics were thus characterized, jeans were made out of such material. These Armalith® jeans were then tested on the circuit by a stuntman towed behind a vehicle at a constant speed of 8m/s (28Km/h, 17 mph in compliance with the Cambridge protocol). After a calibration phase, the performances (resistance in meters) obtained during the Armalith test are perfectly correlated with the performances (resistance in seconds) in the Cambridge lab.
This protocol respects rigorous kinematics and highlights the law of kinetic energy to which motorcyclists are subjected when they fall on a road surface E = ½ MV2
According to this fundamental law, a doubling of mass generates a doubling of kinetic energy, but a doubling of speed generates a quadrupling of destructive energy, thus a fabric resists the abrasion of a motorcycle fall from 120 km /h (74 mph) must be 4 times more resistant than a fabric capable of withstanding the abrasion of a motorcycle fall at 60 km/h (37 mph).


Transparency: The classification system thus established by Armalith® does not codify (A, AA, AAA, etc.) the performances and does not confuse them with other parameters (ergonomics, heavy metals, impact protectors, etc.) but rather The opposite focuses on the essential: resistance to abrasion and delivers the raw data directly verifiable on the lab test reports: the motorcycle fall speed in km/h and the safe sliding distance in meters.


Reliability: One of the biases introduced by the CE 17092 standard is to group in category AA the energies generated by motorcycle falls between 70Km/h (43 mph) and 119Km/h (74 mph). Many motorcyclists could be disappointed with the abrasion protection provided by AA certified clothing in the event of a fall at 90 km/h or worse 110 km/h (68 mph)…


Readability: The protocol established by ARMALITH during the ATD highlights a complete range of fabrics whose abrasion resistance is ideally graded to respond to the entire speed range concerned and thus avoid any excess of confidence regarding the protection indicated on the garment.


According to the official 13595-2 Cambridge test carried out by an independent laboratory, the Armalith HIGHWAY 110Km/h obtained superior abrasion resistance to bovine leather skin of equivalent surface mass (480Gr/M2) and intended to the manufacture of motorcycle clothing.


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